Hello there!

My name is Nicolas D. S. and I am an introvert. I also wander around photographing and documenting our daily lives. I am always up for an adventure.

I am a Junior Front-End Developer with small working experience and a huge interest in UI and UX willing to grow out. Thus, I am looking for new opportunities to grow in-house and not as a consultant. My skill set is more about pure Front-End Development than Full-Stack, even if I am looking for ways to make my development process easier (thinking about Docker and Vagrant).

Even if I am a Junior, I do think you should hire me. I can learn from my mistakes, and I know I will make them. Why would you only hire Seniors?

I want to see new things and and understand how the world works to make it better, to be sure, I take pictures of it. To do so, I wander (which does not mean I am lost).

Photography is a memory, and my memory is visual which make this hobby an extension of myself. This memory also helps me building things.

I am looking for my first in-house professional adventure

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Relevant experience

January 2018 > May 2018
Full-Stack (Web) Developer

August 2017 > September 2017
Front-End Web Developer Intern
Mons / Bergen

February 2015 > May 2015
Web Developer Intern
La Louvière

February 2014
User Interface Intern
Mons / Bergen

Relevant coursework

Spring 2018 and ongoing
Self-teaching VueJS
At home

February 2017 > August 2017
"Web App Developer"

September 2016 > November 2016
"Enterprises Software Developer"

2012 > 2015
"Media Management Bachelor"

Those are nice facts about me I'd like to share

  1. I always want to improve myself.
    Even in video games.

  2. I have more fun in difficulty.
    Especially in video games.

  3. I have the bad habit to overkill.
    Like, building 12 cores CPU computer to make VMs

  4. Apparently I always look like I am lost.
    I am not, I am just wandering and observing.

  5. I usually say "I am not about details".
    Actually I do, because the devil is in the details.

  6. I am not who I appear to be.
    But fear not.